Making the Right Career Choice

Dozens of my clients and associates has found it extremely easy to find a job right out of high school or college.  You send your resume for an open position and you are asked for an interview.  You pass the interview with flying colors and are offered a position with a company.  But is this what you really want?  Can you see yourself in this position years from now?  This could be a classic case of having a career choose you!

My story is one where circumstances and fear of not having a job had my career choose me.  From an early age my dream was to attend Law School but life’s circumstances (as John Lennon aptly put it “Life is what happens, while you are busy making plans”) simply let time slip away.  I just through that I could do this at another time.

Fast forward 40 years and I found myself in the same industry always wondering what could have been had I stepped forward and gone on to accomplished what was in my heart. 

I tell this short story because as I reflect I know how very important it is to choose your career.  We all want to have a successful career that we can look back on and say I made the right choices. 

That is why I decided to write, IT’S YOUR CAREER – IT’S YOUR CHOICE – CHOOSE the Right Career, then Landing the Right Position with the Right Company. I guarantee that if you take the time to choose your career path you will find yourself saying “I made the right choice!

Most of us need to find a career path to survive.  Once you realize that you can choose your direction you will find that you everything else will fall into place:  family, finances and friends.

Choosing or transitioning a career is one of the first chapters in our book.  Yes it’s necessary to understand the nuances of the hiring cycle but it is more important to understand the direction you want to take.  So, how do I make this choice. Quite simply it is an alignment of your interests and your passions.  Once you understand what you want to do then you can pursue your dream.  How great it is when you are doing something you love – and getting paid for it!!

You can do it because IT’S YOUR CAREER – IT’S YOUR CHOICE

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