It’s Not Just the Resume!

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As a Career, Executive, and Business Coach, I recently registered with LinkedIn’s ProFinder service. Surprisingly, I am receiving over 100 notifications each day from LinkedIn members who are looking for coaching — and that’s just local to Southern California. As a sole proprietor, it is impossible for me to personalize each response.

More than 90 percent of the requests are asking for someone to write or update their resume. Folks, resumes are a tool to get you to the next level in your job search. They will not secure a position for you or negotiate your salary — a resume is simply a tool that will generate interest by a potential employer about your background. In the last fifteen years the hiring process has dramatically changed. In order to navigate today’s job search, you need to understand the nuances associated with the entire hiring process: networking, interviewing, negotiating — and yes a resume.

Having someone else write your resume takes away your personal touch, which is needed when applying for a new position. Further, someone else’s writing can become confusing when sitting for an interview. My method is quite simple: follow my template, and I will assist you in editing the words and structure of your resume. By doing this, you will be comfortable with what you have written, and when you are sitting in front of a potential employer, you can be confident that what is on your resume is what you wrote.

Recently, a family member asked me to review a resume that was written by a professional resume writer who charged him substantially for this service. He asked what I thought of the resume, and I told him without hesitation that this resume did not capture the essence of what he did — plus I added that I could not understand exactly what he did.

I tell this story, because it captures the pitfalls of having someone else describe what you have done and what you can do for an employer! Can you be comfortable talking about your resume when sitting in front of a potential employer? Does your resume capture the essence of who you are, what you do, how you do it, and what you can do for the employer?

Remember, the resume is only a part of what is necessary to secure the position that is right for you. I have spent my life in some way or another as a Career Coach. Finding the right position for you is not only about having a “great” resume — it is the whole process of navigating the hiring process.

A resume is an important part of getting a position, but it is not the most important component you will need to find and decide on the right career and the right company.

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