Are you looking to transition your career but don’t know where to start?

So many professionals we talk to these day’s want a fresh start. Unfortunately, many of us fell into a career that chose us years ago. There are so many reasons why people decided to stay in their current positions.  For many it can be a lucrative paycheck, family, fear of trying something new. The thought of changing careers can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Do your research explore other industries and opportunities outside your current comfort zone.  What you may find is you are right where you are supposed to be.

If you are like many professionals who are considering a different industry we often hear, “I just don’t know where to start”.  If this is you, might I suggest, use your connections, connect with professionals in the industry you are interested in learning about. Engage in conversation, ask what they do, do they like it, how did they fall into the position they are currently in, can you explain what a typical day would look like?

There has been many times in my career someone has asked for help or some form of career guidance. Since I love what I do I want to share my experiences and provide guidance to whomever is asking. Most people, your colleagues, friends, or business acquaintances like to help those who need a little help. And of course, it is always encouraged to ask them to pay it forward when they are asked for some professional guidance.  

Here is a perfect example of someone looking to change industries – Gina, a former colleague of mine,  reached out to someone she did not know and was not connected to in any way through LinkedIn.

Subject Line: Career Guidance

Hello Tonya – I hope this message finds you well. The purpose for my outreach today is to introduce myself and to request your professional guidance. Over the last 10 years my career has primarily been in Logistics/Supply Chain Management. I am seeking a different career path and I am reaching out to professionals who specialize in your area of expertise, Cyber Security. Do you have any suggestions on where I should begin? Are certifications sufficient to gainful employment? Is OJT an option? Thank you in advance for any insight and direction you can provide. With kind regards, Gina K.

I suppose you are all wondering whether Gina received a response from Tonya – the answer is YES. Tonya replied almost immediately happy to help and she proceeded to give details on how to break into Cyber Security.  On another note, Tonya and Gina are now connected and corresponding via LinkedIn.

These small actions can lead to successful outcomes. Personally, I believe LinkedIn to be one of the most reputable sites for research and creating professional connections. LinkedIn will allow you to research a company, find senior level contacts in the industry or positions you seek.  Once you get a positive response from a connection request or InMail, ask thoughtful and meaningful questions that are most important to you about their industry and their suggestions on how to best break into their field. Be cognizant of someone’s time and always follow up with your progress.  Following up will keep the conversation and their interest level progressing.  Who knows you may be considered for a future opportunity based on these little but important actions.

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