Ageism is real and not just a bunch of Bull S%#T!

We have discussed ageism in our book – contrary to “political correctness” and corporate policy Ageism is rampant in today’s job market.  I just received a letter from a woman who is asking for my assistance in combating age discrimination.  Natalie wrote me and said…

Dear Mark:

It’s hard to admit but I am now considered an “older” worker. Funny, I don’t feel like I should be categorized in this group, but I am. I ‘m a woman in her mid-50’s who had a successful career in sales management.  In this new season in life, I find myself struggling to be seen in the eyes of a future employer.

Often my resume and qualifications are overlooked because of the position I may be applying for. Should I need to completely dumb down my resume for consideration? I should hope not, I’ve worked hard over the years, and my resume reflects my experience and accomplishments.

I would like to call on all recruiters to look beyond the job description when it comes to an older workers year of experience. You may just stumble upon a new generation of workers that brings more to the table than just taking up a seat!

Perhaps these recruiters should be reading between the lines as it may open an entire new window of qualified, dedicated, and professional workers who have more to offer than their resume and a job posting they are applying to.

For instance, I would love to work in the capacity of an SDR (Sales Development Representative) where I can utilize my sales knowledge to help pre-qualify a potential client for an account executive. My experience allows me to dig deeper to uncover a potential clients challenge, perhaps to establish a deeper rapport because of my history and knowledge in sales.

There are many of us who can quickly ascertain whether a prospect is worth the time and energy to pursue.  We can create a sense of value, a sense of urgency and prequalify well beyond expectations. Working in this capacity is advantageous for the Account Executive who will benefit by the knowledge and in most cases will secure the sale while helping the company grow.  

Most SDR’s are considered junior level sales but why not have a skilled sales professional work at this level if that is what they choose to do at this point in their career. Why not consider a seasoned professional to serve in this capacity? One of the biggest concerns from older professionals is most recruiters or hiring managers think they cannot meet their salary demand. I have spoken with 100’s of seasoned professionals in my network and it’s not all about the money! So, if you don’t think you can meet our salary expectations shame on you for not asking. Better yet shame on you for not even considering us in the first place.

Multiple generations have been impacted by the good or bad decisions we’ve made along the way. One of my favorite sayings is– “You are the product of your decisions”. There are many factors or decisions during a career that have impacted a need to work beyond what is considered the “NORM”. In general, we are having to work beyond what most consider retirement age.  My circumstances are not unusual I’ve had a great career and now I want something different where I can use my expertise to be an asset to an organization. Many of us don’t need to be the leader anymore. We are completely content serving as an individual contributor helping new leaders who are chartered with developing their own teams and growing their operation.

Considering an experienced worker who brings valuable experiences to your company will help to create a well-balanced workforce bringing together different generations, different points of view and work experiences resulting in a more cohesive and structured team environment.

Yes, I may be overqualified but don’t just cast me aside. Consider us, call us – you may be happy you did!

Thank you for listening,


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